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How Real Estate Has Changed
There's no question that our industry is changing. Technology and large data companies continue to create new challenges for real estate agents. What's happening today is the evolution of technology, combined with the disruption of the existing real estate sales business models, leaving us as the agents with two choices: work tirelessly in an unsustainable rat wheel, or adapt and become agents of change. Customers are finding ways to move on without agents who don't adapt, and I invite you to level up to the elite group of agents to whom those customers are turning NOW. And the bonus is, you'll keep more of your income effortlessly. 

Our Story

We have an impressive track record of helping brokers grow and support their organizations. What started as a team of 18 agents in New Mexico has now grown to over 80 with the systems we put in place and support provided.

We did the same thing for HGTV's star Tarek El Moussa, growing his organization, The Agentcy from 112 agents to over 650+ agents now and still growing with the systems we put in place and support we provided to him and his brokers.

We teamed up with Jack Perry and The Perry Group in Utah to help him get onboarded, grow his organization while providing support for the team. We've managed things from admin related questions all the way through technology systems training and coaching sessions as well as assisting them during expansionary periods of growth when needed most!

We provide all that value, plus with the backing of eXp and their business model. We can provide a path for financial success to anyone in the field that wants more than just a "sales = commission" mindset. Actual ownership in the company, stock options, healthcare and 3 different avenues for revenue to help set up your financial future!

Why eXp Realty?

 Fastest growing brokerage

eXp is the fastest growing real estate brokerage in the real estate industry

 100% scalable worldwide

We are located in all 50 states, Canada, UK, and over 40 other countries coming soon

 Revenue share model

Get paid on transactions from agents in your downline

 Virtual cloud office

Get instant support and training in the eXp virtual cloud office

 Limitless opportunity

This vehicle provides you with endless opportunity for growth and success

 Ongoing support

A dedicated team to help you with each and every part of your real estate business
2021 Global Growth Group / The Perry Group